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With the Resin Stone Hub you can transform old Concrete, Tarmac or Block-Paving in just 1-3 days into a beautiful resin bound stone surface. drives, patios, paths, hot tubs, the list is almost endless.

Resin Bound Stone Driveway with Added Sparkle

Give your driveway added shine at night with our Moon Stone option.

You can choose from 20 different types of natural granite colours or one of our blended colours using up to 4 different types of granite stone. You can even have "moon-stone", pictured above, to add an extra wow factor!

Your surface, your way, and benefit from a puddle-free, weed resistant surface with no loose stones and a neat traditional finish.

With so many colours and a such a versatile product we can even personalise your surface to feature motifs, designs and even logos.

Here is just a sample of our work.

How Resin Bonding Works

We can overlay your existing surface using our resin stone application, or completely construct your new driveway from scratch. Either way, our dedicated in-house Groundwork & Landscaping teams are able to carry out your project from start to finish, completing your driveway, path or patio on time and to your required specification.

Simply put, we clear (or clean) your existing surfacing, prepare the sub-structure and apply a layer of your chosen resin stone mix.

Resin Overlay on Existing Driveway

Existing Surface Overlay

Driveway Construction In Progress

Complete Construction

We initially excavate the area to be treated to a depth of 250mm. Any chosen 'hard' Landscape scheme along with edging, etc. would then be carried out at this stage.

The area is then rolled with a machine to compact existing substrata, before Type 1 stone (MOT) is laid to 150-200mm thickness and again rolled and compacted.

Next, 50-100mm of open faced hot rolled tarmac/ C35 concrete is laid and rolled before the final layers are added.

We can utilise your existing surface to make your project more cost effective.

We initially prepare the existing surface using a high-pressure jet washer system and primer, this takes out any moisture and provides a tacky surface (not that the primer is needed to provide a tacky coat as the resin is self adhesive).

Overlays typically take 1-2 days with minimal inconvenience or disruption caused to your property or your lifestyle.

Once your chosen resin stone has been laid, we rake and level to a 18-20mm thickness. Sometimes the surface is uneven and/or not level. We level it out using the resin stone by mass filling dips or sunken areas to bring it to a even and level surface with the correct gradients.

We complete your installation with a troweled finish to seal and close the resin stone creating a long-lasting smooth non-slip finish.

We then high-pressure water jet the site to leave your surface clean and tidy, just how we would want it ourselves.

Why Choose Us

We spare no expense when it comes down to the structural integrity of our resin stone system.

We only use UV Resin throughout all our installations, our mixture contains 100kg of stone (4 bags), 1kg of fine glass and 6.5kg of UV polyurethane resin. This creates a resin rich compact dense surface with a higher tensile strength, able to carry a great load.

Our competitors lay their surface at 15-18mm maximum and use 125kg of stone(5 bags) and 6.5 kg of buff resin (which is half the value of UV Resin) causing instant weakness within the material. Without binders, fine dust glass, this is not a solid, compact, dense surface and can also become slippery.


As commercial resin bound surfacing contractors, we cover any area in Southern England, and some parts of the lower Midlands, delivering large and small projects on-time, to budget and with a high quality finish.

Our installations are project managed by qualified Civil Engineers and dedicated, experienced in house crews.

Available in 20 different colours and blends with a highly durable smooth non slip surface, our resin bound commercial surfacing is extremely hard wearing and suitable for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Being so flexible, it allows for stunning designs to be added to any commercial surface which makes it perfect for Schools, Colleges, Factories, Warehouses, Pubs, Hotels, Forecourts, Leisure Centres, Nursing Homes and local authorities. Resin bound surfacing is also the ideal solution for tree pits and flower beds as it sets off your plantation and is both easier to maintain and reduces trapped litter and other debris.

Our commercial product is also suitable for internal use and can be applied to showrooms, forecourts, shops, airports, museums and libraries, plus any other indoor areas which require a smooth and hard-wearing finish.

Resin bound surface installations are perfect for commercial use due to the minimum downtime and because of the cost effectiveness of larger scale installations.

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